Me and Catherine

Just got back from my first-ever visit to New Orleans. The food, the music, the people, the architecture—all outstanding! I traveled with a good friend who’s married to a NOLA native and whose son lives there. So I spent lots of time with their fabulous family and their extraordinarily generous friends who put us up and catered to our every need.

We spent three days at the French Quarter Festival listening to awesome music. I even did a little swing dancing with someone I ran into who I know from San Francisco! We topped it off with even more music from a dynamite brass band that my friends know.

I packed a lot of tourist highlights into my five days, from strolling the Lafayette Cemetary to riding the St. Charles Streetcar, the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world.

I took a look at the wild scene that is Bourbon Street at night. But one glimpse satisfied my curiosity. I was happy to do my drinking sitting down—and I did plenty. Plus nonstop eating: red beans and rice, gumbo, beignets, etc.

I’m vowing to live on salad for a week.