author's garden in marin

Spring has arrived, and my garden is blooming. The spiky iris in the center above (not yet in flower) are originally from my grandmother’s garden in Brooklyn. When she eventually moved in with my parents, my aunt and I each took some of the bulbs. They continue to multiply and I’ve carried some with me to all the houses I’ve lived in. When in bloom, they smell just like grape bubble gum, instantly reminding me of Sundays at Grandma’s house. I’ll post a photo when they flower.

Of course, the garden as a whole is not picture-perfect. Far from it. It’s always a work in progress. But the profusion of flowers is certainly making the bees happy, and the dog is enjoying the sunny days. The truth is, I prefer gardens that are slightly jumbled. Manicured is not my style.


ceanothus in author's marin garden

California lilac

poppies in container


bee on oxalis

Bee on oxalis