coffee roastery San Anselmo

One of several places on San Anselmo Avenue to get your daily dose of caffeine

In my book, Rae’s shop is located on San Anselmo Avenue, the main drag in town. I lived in this friendly little burg for 13 years before moving just a few miles away to San Rafael.

In many ways, San Anselmo reminds me of what it was like growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s and 60s. Kids ride their bikes to school, the neighborhood public schools are terrific, and summer nights are warm enough to have the windows open—unlike my years in foggy San Francisco. Moving to San Anselmo was like revisiting my childhood.


Street in San Anselmo

A quiet street near downtown


bartons bagels San Anselmo

Barton’s Bagels, not named but mentioned briefly in my book


san anselmo shop

A gift shop on San Anselmo Avenue. Rae’s shop is in a building like this.

Rae herself lives in the adjacent town of Fairfax, which has just as much charm, equally sublime weather, but a more counterculture vibe. I’ll post some pictures of Fairfax next week.