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Promoting one’s own book gives many writers fits, myself included. It’s hard enough writing and polishing the manuscript, but touting your own work is a whole different matter, making us introverts highly uncomfortable.

One successful writer I know told me that she spends about four hours a day on promotion—be it blogging, posting on social media, setting up book tours, doing giveaways, pitching articles related to her book’s subject matter, or advertising. I admire her determination to reach more readers. But there’s no way I can spend that much time on promotion. With a full-time job, I’m finding it a challenge to even write the second book.

Many people have let me know how much they enjoyed my book, but I’d like to get the word out to mystery readers who have never heard of me. So in an effort to build my email list and acquire more followers, I’ll be giving potential readers who sign up for my quarterly newsletter a free PDF of chapter 1 of The Sleeping Lady.

And if you’ve already read the book and simply want to subscribe to my newsletter, that’s great too!