Life has certainly narrowed during the time of Covid. But I’m enjoying the simple pleasures of gardening, cooking, visits from my daughters, and spending more time with my husband than I have in the past decades, when work outside my home occupied so many hours. I’m working remotely and am grateful to be employed when so many others are not. Outside my office window, I have a view of my Mexican sunflowers blooming with abandon.

Now, after months of living the life of a hermit, I’m daring to seeing friends again—in person, not just via zoom. We socially distance, gather outdoors, and wear masks. I’m so grateful to have an outdoor space big enough for hosting. What a boon it is to connect with the wider world.

I’m also reading a lot. Recently I finished The Dutch House, by Ann Patchett, an uplifting tale that celebrates how the bonds of family sustain us even during times of terrible misfortune. And I’m now reading The Mirror & the Light, Hilary Mantel’s third installment in her Wolf Hall trilogy.

Despite having trouble keeping track of all the characters, I’m enjoying the book immensely.

Stay safe. Better days are ahead.