Bay Area Book Festival 2019

The festival hosted some great panels, and the park in Berkeley was filled with interesting booths. I had the pleasure of staffing the Mystery Writers of America Norcal booth for a two-hour shift. I schmoozed with some local writers: Carole Price, who writes the Shakespeare in the Vineyard mystery series; Vinnie Hansen, who writes the Carol Sabala mystery series, and Nancy Tingley, an Asian art historian who writes the Jenna Murphy mysteries.

At the booth with me was Janet Rudolph, who edits the Mystery Readers Journal, which I just subscribed to. This avid mystery fan also blogs at and hosts a weekly mystery book club—that’s right, they read a book a week!

I also met lots of mystery fans, who were a pleasure to talk with. A few people even confessed to reading nothing but mysteries. Nothing to be ashamed of, folks. It was a delight to see and talk to so many people devoted to books!